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Climate Proofers: Ujala Qadir on the Climate Bonds Initiative's Resilience Taxonomy

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It’s a mantra all climate proofers are probably tired of repeating: adaptation needs are enormous, we need much more capital to flow into climate-proofing solutions, but investors are leery of jumping into a space they don’t understand.

This problem explains the current mania for adaptation and resilience taxonomies. These are systems for classifying activities and investments that support climate-proofing efforts. Nation-states have produced taxonomies that touch on adaptation in the past, but this year has seen a rush of tailor-made taxonomies from nonprofits and private entities alike enter the public domain.

One new entrant, poised to make its official debut later this year, is the Climate Bonds Initiative’s Resilience Taxonomy — which has been designed to help companies structure debt instruments that clearly support adaptation and resilience goals.

In this episode of Climate Proofers, Ujala Qadir of the Climate Bonds Initiative joins to discuss the Taxonomy, why it’s needed, and how it could reshape the adaptation and resilience investment landscape.

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We talk about:

👉 The success of “thematic bonds” and why institutional capital has traditionally flowed to those instruments with a climate mitigation focus

👉 Current examples of “adaptation bonds” in the wild, and who’s issuing them

👉 What the CBI’s Resilience Taxonomy Advisory Group is up to

👉 How the Taxonomy differs from similar tools and frameworks that are out in the world

Future guests include Dr Paul Munday from S&P Global Ratings, Kit England of Paul Watkiss Associates, and Nancy Watkins of Milliman.

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Louie Woodall