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Insights from the Adapt Unbound Summit on Adaptation Financing

Highlights from a panel discussion on the state of play in A&R capital

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  • On Tuesday, the inaugural Adapt Unbound summit in New York brought 150+ adaptation and resilience (A&R) professionals together to chew over the big topics in this space.

  • I was tapped to moderate the summit’s final panel – “Closing the Capital Gap: Changing the Narrative from Sunk Cost to Economic Opportunity” – with the following A&R high-flyers:

  • Emilie Mazzacurati,  Co-Founder at Tailwind Climate

  • Sonam Velani, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Streetlife Ventures

  • Anish Patel, COO & Managing Director at Yamaha Motor Ventures

  • MaĂ«lis Carraro, Managing Partner, Catalyst Fund

  • For today’s post, I’ve cobbled together some highlights from the panel with the help of Katie MacDonald of Tailwind Climate. The good folks at Unbound Summits did record the conference itself in full, and I’ll be sure to share their media assets once it’s made available.

  • For now, I hope the following excerpts help get the neurons’ firing. I certainly learnt a lot from the panel, and hope you do, too.

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