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Welcome to the Adaptation10 series, a new collaboration between Climate Proof and DSR & Partners. Each month, we’ll showcase 10 innovative companies in the emerging adaptation economy.

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We are living in a world being transformed by climate change. Businesses, cities, and entire countries have to adapt to a hotter, harsher climate — one that will usher in more frequent and severe extreme weather events.

This isn’t speculation. It is a fact. Though collectively we have made progress toward reducing the emission of planet-warming gases, the vast amount already pumped into the atmosphere means certain physical impacts have been locked in. It’s now certain that global warming will intensify over the next 30 years.

What’s unclear is how humanity will respond.

It will take a monumental effort to prepare individuals and communities for the climate shocks to come, and to strengthen them against their impacts. However, there is a new climate adaptation economy on the rise designed to do just that. A whole host of exciting, innovative companies are flocking to the market, promising businesses, consumers, and governments solutions to their adaptation needs.

It’s a fast-moving and bewildering space. That’s where we come in. Climate Proof and DSR & Partners have joined forces to produce the Adaptation10 series, your guide to the emerging adaptation economy. 

Each month, we spotlight ten companies promising adaptation solutions for specific climate risks — such as drought, sea-level rise, wildfires, and severe storms. We tell the stories of these emerging champions and provide useful data on where they fit into the broader ecosystem of climate solutions, allowing you to build a clearer picture of the adaptation economy.  

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The Adaptation10 series promises to be essential reading for investors, corporates, and other stakeholders wanting to learn more about the adaptation economy. We trust you'll find each report as interesting and fun to read as we found them to write.

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Louie Woodall & Daniel Schmitz-Remberg